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The Antenna Programme is a series of interactive workshops delivered by Decipher Consultants. They are a unique opportunity to keep up to date with the fast moving changes in the TV industry and are based on the principle that you have to see and interact with new TV propositions and services to understand them.


Introductory Sessions 

140121 Current TV Landscape (Thumb)

Current TV Landscape 

We recommend all participants attend a 'Current TV' session before signing up for one of the Main Curriculum events. 

This half-day, interactive session is designed to introduce participants to the major issues driving the development of the pay TV, free-to-air TV, SVOD and wider online video markets in the UK TV industry. They provide an opportunity to examine every major TV device, system and interface in the market and question their potential impact on our market. 

2017 promises to be a busy and significant year for the UK TV industry: new set-top boxes (Virgin Media V6, Vodafone TV), new entrants, and new questions (where next for Amazon and Netflix?).

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Next Sessions: Tuesday 31st January at the IAB, Long Acre, WC2E 9JD   BOOK NOW

Intro to TV

Introduction to TV 

Targeted at recent joiners and those on graduate programmes, it uses the latest iBurbia Studios tech to illustrate the key points of the TV industry and to highlight the new content, technology, services and ideas that are sweeping the industry.

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Advanced Sessions

140121 Evolving TV Content (Thumb)

Evolving TV Content

Examining new forms of television programme, TV channels and viewer interactivity. Aimed at anyone involved in the creative, digital, marketing and legal implications of programme making in the evolving TV landscape.

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Next Sessions: Tuesday 31st January at IAB, Long Acre, WC2E 9JD (combined with New TV Advertising)  BOOK NOW

140508 New TV Advertising Thumb

New TV Advertising

session aimed at TV advertisers, agencies, brand marketers and channel/programme marketersIt looks at the new Data, Addressability and Web Convergence in the new TV landscape.

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Next Sessions: Tuesday 31st January at IAB, Long Acre, WC2E 9JD (combined with Evolving TV Content)    BOOK NOW

140121 The Connected Home (Thumb)

TV & The Connected Home

As telcos and TV companies grasp  the implications of 2nd screen devices, home networks and multi-room options. These workshops are aimed at app developers, senior TV management, strategy and development teams, rights and IP experts.

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140121 Towards A New Interface (Thumb)

Towards A New Interface

Examining the emergence of a new generation of TV UX, Programme Guides, social recommendationsapps store. These workshops are aimed at platform and broadcaster development teams, TV app developers, UX designers and developers and web agencies.

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Course Leaders



Nigel Walley

Nigel is Managing Director of Decipher the media strategy consultancy, and Chairman of the Decipher Group of companies, which includes iBurbia, the interactive media research lab. 

Nigel is a marketer at heart, but with an intuitive sense of the potential of digital technologies. His particular focus is the evolution of commercial advertising models in media markets affected by the advent of new consumer technology.

Since founding Decipher in 1998, he has worked on interactive media and technology projects for a wide range of clients including NTL, Telewest, ITV, the BBC, Sky, UKTV, Channel 4, Sony, the UK Govt (DTI), and Viacom. Nigel heads up Decipher's work defining future formats for television advertising. 

Head and shoulders

Matt Walters

Matt is a Senior Consultant at Decipher, the media strategy consultancy, which specialises in insight, research and consultancy on the consumer and commercial implications of emerging media technologies.  He conducts wide-ranging analysis including detailed report projects and specific, quick turnaround requests. He is constantly abreast of industry developments and is passionate about what makes the industry tick.

Matt runs Decipher's Antenna Programme - a series of education sessions and workshops held at iBurbia Studios which look at current trends, emerging technology and future thinking throughout all aspects of the industry. He joined Decipher from Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, and has a BA (Joint Hons) in History and English from the University of Durham.